About Us

SoundCloud Downloader or SCDownloader for short is a pretty valuable tool for all the music lovers. We understand that some areas still might have lower internet connectivity and that’s why people wish to download the songs and music from SoundCloud.com.

About the Developers

We are a little team that centers around helping and providing service to our users to download songs and audio from SoundCloud.com. We have been assembling strong bonding and conveying genuine way to our users since 2018.

ScDownloader’s Mission

Our tool uses a smart algorithm that makes sure that you’re not violating any law or policy. So you can download the songs and audio from SoundCloud in a 100% legal and genuine manner.

ScDownloader’s Vision

There are so many websites that mislead readers in the name of free music downloaders. They guarantee of downloading songs from SoundCloud in a 100% legal and genuine manner. We need to eliminate this unsafe and illegal practice, by giving protected and simple approaches to downloading songs from SoundCloud.com legitimately and straightforwardly.

Our Identity

The logos designs and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of SoundCloud are no way associated with the brand. We only own the rights to our smart code, tool algorithm, or any content represented by the company and/or its affiliates.

So, please have a look at each company’s website for additional policies and terms and conditions. If you have any issue, suggestion, or feedback regarding our tool or the website, you can Contact Us.

Also, you can read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, & Disclaimer page to know more about them.