How To Create A Playlist On SoundCloud (2020 Updated)


SoundCloud is an excellent platform for music creators and lovers to socialise and share music around the Globe. SoundCloud unlike other music streaming platforms gives uncluttered interface with easy controls and search functions. One can find users who share the same tastes in music and enjoy their playlists as well. Therefore; How to create a playlist on SoundCloud is an expected query from new users.

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Today we’ll share 4 ways in all to create a playlist in different operating systems

How to Create a SoundCloud Playlist on Android?

All you need to do is download the SoundCloud app from Google play store. Once you tune into it follow the steps:

  • Go to the song which is to be added.
  • Click on 3 dots situated to top right corner.
  • Select add to playlist option and set the name. One can also choose to make the playlist private or public for other users on SoundCloud to enjoy.

How to Create a SoundCloud Playlist on iOS?

Adding songs to playlist in iPhone or iPad is similar to that in Android only expect the 3 dots are displayed on the bottom left corner. iPhone users can even download songs from SoundCloud and transfer it into iTunes with a little extra software named Tweakbox (free software). As soon as the app is installed; open it and switch to installed apps go to SoundCloud app and Reinstall it. Then go to the choice of song, click on 3 dots and Download button pops up. Download and add similarly to that discussed for Android. This method enables us to download music from SoundCloud.

How to Create a SoundCloud Playlist using Windows?

Go to and Login. The process remains same, 3 dots on top right click on it and add to playlist. This method has the edge over others as this does not require any pre-installed software and is much faster but yes Requires an Internet Connection though lol.

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How to Transfer other Playlists to SoundCloud?

We come across other music distributors such as Jio Saavn, Spotify, Shazam, etc. to name a few. We may require to transfer Playlists from there to here within a couple of minutes without getting intertwined between data cables. Just go onto the respective Music streaming app, select the playlist and click on transfer to option. Transfer it into your SoundCloud account and enjoy the beats.

Here, we learned “How to create Playlist on SoundCloud.” I hope you guys have found this useful. Thanks for visiting.


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