How To Generate More Plays On Soundcloud


This is 2019. Streaming online has already become a craze. Although there are few more popular setups and platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Pandora; SoundCloud continues to be the most fascinating, online social networking site for music and music lovers.

A recent survey shows that SoundCloud Currently had over 157 million registered users. As Jefferson Grahams says “that over 200 million users are operating on SoundCloud fluently”. So if you are still unaware of how you can promote plays on SoundCloud, here are the most straightforward solutions for you!

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How to Generate more plays on SoundCloud

1. Provide Better Quality Music

With the growing popularity of online streaming, SoundCloud too is over trafficked by piles of trash. To promote plays, you need to provide better quality music. An anonymous short pilot survey shows that audiophiles are more likely to hit play buttons when they find fascinating content.

2. Use Different Tools To Increase Plays

Often what you give isn’t just enough. Devumi is a social media promoting set up which enables you to get more visits and plays for your channel. Its well-extended channels are the best solution for your SoundCloud deal. again is a very reputed social media promoting the facility.

It actually provides you a number of options for your promotional needs – systematic likes, reposts, plays, views and everything you haven’t been looking for! You can buy hundreds of SoundCloud plays from their authorized website. However when in need you can always reach out to these promotional options with a single click.

3. Add More Tags

How would you stand out in front of the rest?
If the first answer is Good quality, then the second obviously is “community connection.”
The more tags you include the chances of your music getting noticed will increase. (See how)
Add up quirky tags such as mood, genre, use of the instrument and also locations. This helps try now!

4. Use ‘buy Music Links’ As A Method

Providing buying options for each soundtracks (on iTunes, Spotify) takes you to a step forward towards your desired attention. Buying options that are feasible and easy also increase buy and play chances for your tracks. It fetches raw and immediate attention.

5. Keep Your Track Title Clean

What impression we all have when we look at something messy? Not so positive right? Same applies to your track/album titles. It should not contain any irrelevant words, track numbers or tags. Keep it clean and precise. Just mention the basics: Artist name, genre and label.

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6. Use Advertisements As Your Key To Success

Promote It is an online facility which does actual promotion for your music with a focus on target listeners. They advertise your tracks where fans frequently go about the latest music. They create and run customized ads to enable better traffic and play. Hyppedit is a similar platform that gives you a no target audience and listener centered promotion options. It reaches out to the real music lovers throughout a quick three-step process to encourage more plays from responsive audio lovers.

7. Soundcloud Appearance For Your Tracks Should Be Interesting

It means that your description should be precisely written and teamed with a relevant high-resolution image. It presents your efforts more artistically and purely and this is where you can stand out from the rest. Add up a few lines for that track. How you were inspired and how this track can influence good ears.



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